Emanuel Moss, PhD.

Anthropologist, researcher, social scientist. Studying machine learning and knowledge production, AI and ethics, and algorithmic accountability.

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Emanuel Moss, PhD.

Emanuel Moss conducts ethnographic research on technology, focusing on integrated circuit design and issues of ethics, fairness, and accountability in AI systems. He is a Sociotechnical Systems Research Scientist at Intel Labs. His doctoral work produced an ethnography of machine learning investigating the role of data scientists as producers of knowledge.


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Peer reviewed paper

Trust Is Not Enough: Accuracy, Error, Randomness, and Accountability in an Algorithmic Society

Emanuel Moss. (2023). ACM Communications 66(6).

Peer reviewed paper

Accountability in an Algorithmic Society: Relationality, Responsibility, and Robustness in Machine Learning

A. Feder Cooper, Emanuel Moss, Benjamin Laufer, and Helen Nissenbaum. (2022). ACM FAccT '22.

Peer reviewed paper

A Silicon Valley love triangle: Hiring algorithms, pseudo-science, and the quest for auditability

Mona Sloane, Emanuel Moss, and Rumman Chowdhury. (2022). Patterns, 3(2).


A New Proposed Law Could Actually Hold Big Tech Accountable for Its Algorithms

Jacob Metcalf, Brittany Smith, and Emanuel Moss. (2022). Slate Future Tense

Peer reviewed paper

Excavating awareness and power in data science: A manifesto for trustworthy pervasive data research

Katie Shilton, Emanuel Moss, Sarah Gilbert, Matthew Bietz, Casey Fiesler, Jacob Metcalf, Jessica Vitak, Michael Zimmer. (2022). Big Data & Society 8(2).


Assembling Accountability: Algorithmic Impact Assessment for the Public Interest

Emanuel Moss, Elizabeth Anne Watkins, Ranjit Singh, Jacob Metcalf. (2021). Data & Society Research Report.

Juried conference paper

Algorithmic Impact Assessments and Accountability: The Co-construction of Impacts

Jacob Metcalf, Emanuel Moss, Elizabeth Anne Watkins, Ranjit Singh, M.C. Elish. (2021). In FAccT '21: Proceedings of the 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Computer Science. pp. 735-746. Toronto, ON.

Blog post

Too big a word

Data & Society Points Blog. Co-written with Jacob Metcalf. (2019).

Commissioned journal article

Owning Ethics: Corporate logics, Silicon Valley, and the institutionalization of ethics

Jacob Metcalf, Emanuel Moss, danah boyd. (2019). Social Research 86(2).


AI’s Social (Science) Deficit Has Consequences

Mona Sloane, Emanuel Moss. (2019). Nature Machine Intelligence 1(8).

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